A while ago I put 04 STi suspension on my 1993 Legacy. It bolted up without too much trouble, but since 02+ Impreza sedans have a wider track than my car I had a bit less negative camber than I wanted. RCE camber plates are pretty sweet but cost $400. I bought a set of the small aftermarket camber bolts in the rear and ended up with -1.5° but the stock bolts only got me -0.7 in the front. I didn't really want to use the small, slippage and breakage-prone bolts in the front so I decided to drill out the struts to run stock bolts in both holes.

The oem camber bolts are 14mm with a 16.5mm cam. Since the center of the cam doesn't line up with the center of the shaft, I couldn't just drill out the hole on the bottom of the strut, although I could just drill out the steering knuckle. Lucky for me there is a small machine shop at the back of where I work.

Yeah there's some neat stuff:

[need a better picture here]

Too bad my digital camera is broken and I had to take all these pictures with my phone.

For the bolt to fit I had to remove the material highlighted in red:

So here are things being setup:

The digital readout is nice. Look, the hole is exactly 2.5mm wider now.

This is from the test run I did with old parts:

Here you can see how the bolt goes through the strut:

The cam points outward, which moves the bottom hole of the steering knuckle out and tips the wheel inward, gaining me approximately 0.6° of negative camber, which makes up for what is lost with new Impreza sedan struts.

Then I just drilled out the knuckle with the 16.5mm bit I had to turn down on a lathe to get to fit in my drill:

I drilled the struts out at work Thursday and then went to put them on Friday night. Then it started raining and all my stuff got all wet and it really sucked. Wooo surface rust:

While I was in there I decided to put in a few more things, like these overnight parts from japan:

Well not really it's a balljoint and I bought it from SubieGal. My right one was trashed so I decided to replace them both. Also I got these mafks:

Kartboy aluminum endlinks with urethane bushings. I should grease up the fronts and torque them properly because they're clunking. I've heard about rubbing issues on the rear lateral links because they're shorter than stock but there is plenty of room. I think it's only a problem on cars with adjustable bars set at full soft.

Yay all done:

Once again, there is a legacycentral thread about this with more discussion here.