I bought a front swaybar out of a 97 Legacy 2.5GT, which is 20mm compared to the 18mm bar on my 93 Legacy. It was only $50 and that 2mm makes a 53% increase in stiffness. That reduces body roll, and due to the tendancy of the Subaru's suspension to lose negative camber with enough compression, keeps the suspension in the sweet part of the camber curve and increases grip.

Oooh, ahhh:


Being from a newer Legacy, I had to buy new bushings to fit it to my car. The 2nd gen Legacy has a slightly different front crossmember which has bigger swaybar mounting brackets. I called up Racecomp Engineering and they said they cound get me some whiteline bushings. I ordered all four for the hell of it. After a week of not hearing from them after they took my information and credit card number, I called them up to see what the deal was. They were like "oh, sorry, I think there's something wrong with our system and it didn't automatically send you an invoice, but they should get there today or tomorrow." And when I got home I had a sweet package:

Here are the 1st gen bushings compared to 2nd gen:

They were something like $38 shipped and I didn't have to wait for them to come from Australia. Also a sweet sticker was included that will go in the drawer with all my other stickers.

To clean up the swaybar I bought some sandpaper, rags, underbody coating, and steel wool:

I found some bbq cleaner downstairs which did a great job cleaning off all the grime.

Here is my new bar before and after mostly being cleaned and sanded:

New bushing on the bar:

The rubberized underbody coating turned out fairly well:

Goddamn was the bar a pain in the ass to get out. I ended up having to drop one side of the exhaust manifold to fit it past the powersteering lines. On the plus side all the flange bolts came out without a problem which is good because I'm planning on getting a new exhaust in the near future.

Looks like it will fit:

it doesn't look much bigger but it is.

Then it was simply a matter of snaking it back through betweein the exhaust manifold and power steering lines, greasing up the bushings, and bolting everything down. The swaybar will not go in and out without removing a wheel.

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