My car developed an odd rattle/clunking sound. It sounded a lot like loose exhaust heat shields so I found a replacement header and we got to work at installing it. Along the way we took some silly pictures. I'm also going to give thumbnails a try. Well here goes.

So we pulled out the old manifold, which is not pretty and needs to be replaced anyway. Then we replaced it with the new one and started the car with just a header. It sounded pretty cool but the rattling/banging sound persisted. At that point we weren't sure what to do and it was really late so we decided to go to bed and get back to work on things the next morning.

When we woke up and popped the hood we found this: 

That's not good at all.
Very not good:

That was supposed to be one part:

And there's a nice hole in my timing cover:

How Nice.

The timing belt was not in good shape:

And hey look pieces of bearing:

Anyway that meant it was time to clean things up and go get some replacement parts. South Coast Subaru had the idler gear that had broken and a timing belt for a fairly reasonable price:

I had to buy the timing belt tensioner at Timmons and it was a huge rip-off.

Steve at aerosim had the rest of the parts I needed and gave them to be for $40.

(the stuff on the bottom right is for a different page)

And so from there it was just a matter of putting things back together:

The total cost ended up being $300 or so after being jacked by Timmons and I ended up not using the idler gear. I probably should have returned it. However I'm a little wary that my replacement pulleys will have to be replaced sometime soon so I decided to keep it.